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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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Extrahack is a free cheat for CS:GO. The cheat has such functions as: Aim, Valhak, Skinchanger, Banihop and many other scripts that are available for free.

The CS go cheat is designed with attention to detail - its design and interaction with functions are intuitive, so ExtrimHack is suitable for both a beginner and an experienced cheater! The cheat works perfectly on the new update of the game.

Description of some functions:

Aim Bot / Aim Bot - Automatic targeting of opponents.

WallHack / VH / Wallhack - The ability to see through walls.

TriggerBot / Trigger Bot - Automatic shot when pointing at the enemy.

Skin Changer - The ability to install any skin on weapons, knives or gloves absolutely for free.

BunnyHop / Banyhop is an automatic jumping that allows you to gain more speed of movement on the map.

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Launch Instructions:
1. Download and run the cs go cheat - ExtrimHack_free_дата.exe .
2. Click "Run cheat".
3. Launch Counter-Strike GO.
4. Done! You can collapse the cheat menu by pressing the Insert key.

The free ExtrimHack is updated daily.
You can visit the site every day and download a new version!