ExtrimHack Premium - Aim, WH, SkinChanger private

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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ExtrimHack Private is a private cheat for CS:GO. The cheat has a large number of useful functions, a clear interface and Russian language, smooth AIM, WH with a complete bypass of the record, as well as a Skinchanger, Inventory changer, Profile changer and a Model changer.

A private cheat for CS go will give you a complete advantage over your opponents and will not leave you indifferent. Become a PRO CS player:GO right now.


Пробная версия на 2 дня
Обычная версия на 7 дней | Популярная
Обычная версия на 15 дней | Выгодная

Обычная версия на 30 дней (Большая выгода)


Inventory Changer: Add any knives and weapons to your inventory and choose any of them right during the game. Also in the cheat there is a Skin Tag (Skin Changer) and a Profile Changer.

Skinchapdeg - Skinchanger in the ExtrimHack cheat was developed with an emphasis on Convenience, Quality and Speed of operation. Now you don't have to read long names, just one look at the skin you like and you're done!


Private cheat for CS:GO has a Model Changer function. This is a unique feature of the private version of the ExtrimHack cheat.Add weapon models and players that are not in the game.Some models that you can add to the game:


Legit and Range AimBot: An Aimbot that is very easy and fast to adjust to any game mode.

Some add-ons:
- Selection of the guidance speed
- Selection of the guidance distance
- Selecting a body part to trigger an Aim or a Triggerbot
- Delay before firing
- Switchable guidance through smoke
- Disabling guidance when blinded
- Compensation for the recoil of weapons
- Disable aiming if the enemy is in the air (jumping).

ExtrimHack - has a huge list of varieties of WallHack:

- Visualization of opponents' steps.
- Several types of fill and stroke opponents.
- Display of opponents' health and armor with text/animation.
- Bomb Timer, Bomb Outline, Display the bomb with a picture.
- Display of money, weapons and ammunition of opponents (both text and picture).
- ESP Boxes, Lines, Skeleton.+ 56 different private types of wallhack

Streams and videos: This private cheat for cs go has the ability to hide all types of VX (except full fill) during streaming on Twitch / YouTube and video recording.

Is it possible to play on a PRIME account? - ExtrimHack Premium was specially developed for the game mainly on the paid version of CS:GO with a Prime account.

Action! Now, before a full purchase, you can play with the cheat for 2 days for free.



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