Wrongful Cheat - Simple free External CS:GO cheat

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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Wrongful ESP is a simple External cheat written in C ++. At the moment, the cheat has all the functionality for a stable legit game. I tried to do my best so that the VAC does not detect a cheat at this stage. Cheat automatically loads offsets. The cheat contains Russian and English localization.


  • Glow ESP - outline the opponents and allies behind the walls. It is possible to adjust stroke colors for enemies and allies.
  • Triggerbot - automatic shooting at the enemy at the moment when you are aimed at him. You can adjust the accuracy of the triggerbot and what part of the body it will shoot at.
  • Radarhack - display opponents on the in-game radar even when they are not in the field of view of your allies or in your field of view.
  • Config - save and load settings.

Installation and launch

  1. Download the cheat.
  2. Rename the cheat file to any arbitrary name.
  3. Launch CS: GO.
  4. Start the cheat and enjoy the game.

Technical support