Onetap Crack V3

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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Cheater? Looking for a new onetap crack? I hasten to please!
On this page you can download the updated onetap crack.

For those who do not know: is one of the most popular cheats on the Internet. If a cheater writes a twist for cs go in a search engine, then most often he searches for crack onetap.

Now on the Internet there are a huge number of scammers who “sell” the cheat crack Onetap su.
Do not trust them! After all, you can download one tap for free on our website.


Video instructions for launching the cheat:

Instructions for launching onetap v3:

  1. Download otcv3.dll of the attachments.
  2. Download EZinjector Reborn - an injector for CS: GO.
  3. Move the injector and otcv3.dll in one folder.
  4. Launch CS:GO, then open the injector.
  5. In the window that opens, enter the name: otcv3.dll
  6. Done, open the game, wait a couple of seconds and click Insert

Instructions for installing the config for onetap v3:

  1. Go to the root folder with CS: GO, then open the ot folder, it will appear after the first injection of the cheat.
  2. Download the config from the attachments and move it to this folder.
  3. Open the game, in the lower right corner of onetap click on the gear, then select the config and click load. Done.

Additional scripts for onetap v3:
Scripts must be moved to the scripts folder:
(Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\ot\scripts)
MinDamage - added DeadFinder
Essentials - added DeadFinder.

To add your script here, just post it on the forum.

Possible problems and solutions::
Will be added if necessary

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