Wrongful Private - a private secure cheat for CS:GO private

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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Wrongful Private is an external multihack for CS: GO, which has all the necessary functionality for a good legit game in competitive mode. The cheat automatically loads the necessary add-ons after each update and is not detected by the VAC system.


Switch language. The cheat contains localization in Russian and English for convenient use.

Automatic aiming (aimbot). Aimbot himself will bring your cursor and your range of weapons so that the bullets hit the enemy. Automatic aiming does not work closely with the enemy to avoid serious jerking of your sight.

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  • Aimbot radius (FOV). You can adjust the radius of aiming the aime to the enemy to your needs and adjust it to your style of play. For example, for aggressive shooting with sniper rifles or shooting with a pistol at the heads.
  • Aimbot smooth. By adjusting the aiming smoothness, you can adjust the speed of pointing at the enemy and how much the aimbot will help you in shooting. At the maximum value, the aimbot is almost not noticeable, it will only help you in shooting. If the minimum, your aimbot will be aimed at the opponent instantly, which is more like a "Rage" game.
  • Aimbote bone. You can choose a head, chest or stomach. These are the parts of the body that the aim will aim at during the shooting. The optimal value is chest. So the bullets will fly sometimes in the head, sometimes in the stomach. If you want to use aimbot imperceptibly, then choose a stomach.

Glow ESP (wallhack). Glow ESP is the outline of the game character. It does not use the principle of "overlay" and is great for external cheats.

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  • Display allies. You can enable or disable the display of allies through the walls. This feature is useful if you are playing a DM (one against all).
  • Colors of team and enemies. In the cheat, a convenient color adjustment is implemented for the team and opponents. You can choose any color in RGBA format, where R is red, G is green, B is blue, and A is (alpha) the transparency of your color. You can enter values manually or open a special color palette and select your favorite. 

Radarhack. This is a special hack that will display the enemies closest to you on the minimap even when they are invisible to you and your allies. Great solution to help you in the game.

Automatic jump (bunnyhop). Bunnyhop allows you to hold the space bar and jump as fast as possible. You no longer need to "bind" jumps on the mouse wheel or other buttons. Bunnyhop will increase your movement speed.

Full compensation. This function will fully control the return on rifles, machine guns and others weapons. At close range, the bullets will fly to almost one point.

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Auto shot (triggerbot). Automatic hover shooting is what you need when playing with sniper rifles or pistols. You just need to quickly move the cursor over the enemy, and the trigger bot will shoot if the sight is on the desired part of the body. This cheat is very difficult to detect by patrol.

  • Shoot allies (Team). You can activate automatic shoots of a triggerbot at an ally if, for example, you play on deathmatch servers.
  • Triggerbot Bone. The "only head" option is great for shooting with pistols, for example, in pistol rounds. You can also choose shooting in all parts of the body, this is suitable for sniper rifles.
  • Triggerbot Accuracy. You have the choice of firing accuracy of the trigger bot. This is responsible for how ready your weapon is to fire. If you select the maximum value, then automatic shooting will take place on the bullet. You can disable this parameter at all, then the triggerbot will not take into account the "weapon heat".
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The cheat will be updated frequently and the functionality will be supplemented.