Dukk1ware - External cheat for GTA 5 Online

GTA 5 Online

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Dukk1ware is a cheat for GTA Online and single player, which will help you quickly and easily deal with your rivals. The cheat is not injected into the game and works on the principle of "Overlay" (overlay on the screen). One of the main advantages of this cheat is the ability to obtain the necessary offsets by scanning the patterns in the game’s memory. The cheat does not require updating with the new version of GTA 5 multiplayer if the signatures have not changed.


Dukk1ware has many functions to destroy your enemies and to protect yourself.

The cheat menu has 4 tabs that are responsible for setting cheats for your player, setting cheats against other players, and setting up transport and weapons.

Меню чита внутри игры

The main functionality of the cheat is as follows (the most important functions):

Self Player:

  • God Mode - immortality of your character.
  • Inisible - you become invisible to other players.
  • Speed Hack - increase your running speed. There is a speed setting.
  • Newer Wanted - automatic removal of the wanted level.
  • Teleport to Waypoin - you can put a waypoint on the map and teleport to it by pressing F3.


  • Vehicle God Mode - your vehicle will not break.
  • Vehicle Speed - increase the speed of your car. Works similar to the "Speed Hack" function.


  • Explosive Ammo & Explosive Melee - your shots will explode, causing more damage.
  • Fire Ammo - activates incendiary cartridges.
  • Infinite Ammo - the ammo on your weapon will not end.
  • No Spread & No Recoil - you will not have recoil and scatter of bullets.
  • No Reload - the cartridges will not need to be recharged (infinite clip).
  • Croshair - activates an additional blue croshair on the screen, the size of which can be adjusted.
  • Weapon Modifier - a function that allows you to configure the parameters of your weapon: the mass of the bullet, penetrating ability and range.

Installation and launch.

  1. Download the cheat.
  2. Go into the game and set in the graphics settings the screen type "Windowed Borderless". This is important!
  3. Minimize the game and run the cheat as administrator.
  4. Expand the game. If the picture freezes, then press ESC twice (open and close the card), open the chat (T) so that you have a mouse cursor.
  5. Click on the Insert button, a menu will appear. Enjoy the game.
In-game cheat menu
Display cheat menu inside the game