Kiddion's Modest Menu - money hack, unlock items and other funny cheats for GTA 5 Online

GTA 5 Online

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Kiddion's Modest Menu is an external cheat for GTA 5, which contains functions that facilitate the gameplay and allow you to destroy everyone and everything. The author tried to add the usual features that are in most cheats, but mainly focusing on adding unique features that make the gameplay more enjoyable and fun.


I believe that the main feature of the cheat are online services, in which there are functions of cheating money, RP level, weapons and other things. I especially liked the "Call Heli Backup" and "Call Airstrike" features. Some functions are marked with an exclamation mark:


This means that the function is not safe and you may be given a ban in GTA Online for using it. Be careful! There are a lot of functions, so I will not describe everything.

  • Player - the tab responsible for the cheat settings for your character. You can set yourself immortality, level of health, speed of running and swimming, level of your wanted.
  • Vehicle - setting the behavior of your car. You can fully customize your vehicle, set it an infinite amount of strength, the level of gravity and more.
  • Weapon - cheats for weapons. You can adjust the damage from your weapons, disable spread and recoil, turn on incendiary and explosive ammunition, as well as configure endless ammo and more.
  • World - cheats in this tab will help you instantly kill NPC, cops, all enemies, destroy cars and set the weather. And all in one click!
  • Teleport - teleport to the object you are interested in. There is a large list of places where you can move. You can also navigate coordinates or to a point on the map or to the NPC for missions.
  • Tunables - you can redefine the multipliers of AR, RP, game reward for missions and remove cooldawn.
  • Unlocks - unlocking any cars and any game content from the DLC or from holiday events.
  • Online Services - call events from game content. One of the most interesting tabs in this cheat. For example, you can call an airstrike on a point or a helicopter that will protect you. I recommend to try! In this tab, you can also wind up your money or RP level, but I do not recommend using these functions, you can be banned for them.
  • Online Vehicle Spawn - you can create any vehicle near you in GTA Online, adjust it to your needs, starting from the color of the car, ending with the wheel settings.
Screenshots (сlick to view).
Вкладка "Player"
Functional cheats for the player
Вкладка "Vehicle"
Customize your vehicle
Вкладка "Weapon"
Cheats for your weapons, weapon customization
Вкладка "World"
NPC kill, car destruction
Вкладка "Teleport"
Settings for instant movement to any object on the map
Вкладка "Tunables"
Multipliers AR and RP, removing cooldowns
Вкладка "Unlocks"
Unlock any game content
Вкладка "Online Services"
Calling events from game content
Вкладка "Online Vehicle Spawn"
Создание автомобиля и настройка его

Installation and use:

  1. Download the cheat, unzip it.
  2. Go into the game and set in the graphics settings the screen type "Windowed Borderless". This is important!
  3. Run the cheat and enjoy the game.

Tu use it:

The main control of the cheat is performed using Numpad on the keyboard.

  • «F5» to show/hide the menu,
  • «Numpad 0» to go back,
  • «Numpad 8» and «Numpad 2» to navigate up / down through the menu options,
  • «Numpad 4» and «Numpad 6» to decrease/increase the current value,
  • «Numpad 5» to activate an option, toggle its value or applying any changed setting.

If menu navigation does not work or functions are not activated:

  • Disable antivirus and Windows Defender or add a cheat folder to the exception.
  • If disabling the antivirus did not help, and Numlock is turned on and you are sure of it, then try using the Windows on-screen keyboard!