Apex Legends | No-Recoil - Macros program

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Apex Legends - No-Recoil Macros program (auto detect weapon) - macro program for recoil compensation with automatic weapon detection

The game has a very strong recoil, it is difficult to control it, but you don't have to bother with this program. Also, the program itself detects the weapon in the hands.

Start-up instructions:

  1. Download and run the ApexNR_Installer.exe file.
  2. After installation, the file unpacking window will open, or the path to the Apex_No-Recoil.zip file will be displayed, be sure to unpack it into an empty folder.
  3. We start the game (be sure to change the interface language to English and the game in a window frame without frames).
  4. Run gui.exe (in the game).
  5. Customize it for yourself (if you have changed the sensitivity in the scope, open the settings.ini file and change the "zoom_sens" parameter.)
  6. Click "Save and Run!".

Done. Enjoy your use!