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CoD CW Color Assist - Aimbot and Triggerbot for shooting assistance

Cheat for "Multiplayer" and "Zombie mode".


  • Aimbot - help in aiming at enemies.
  • Triggerbot - auto shot when aiming at an enemy.

Start-up instructions:

  1. Download and unpack the file, be sure to unpack it into an empty folder.
  2. We start the game.
  3. Changing game settings:
    - Change the game to windowed borderless.
    - Go to Settings and click on the "Interface" tab.
    - Copy the settings:
    - Go to Settings and click on the Graphics tab.
    - Find Display and select "Colorblind Modes" and change enemy color to pink as shown, as shown below:
  4. Run Color_Assist.exe (in the game).

Done. Enjoy your use!