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RS - RatScanner utility for finding information about prices in the game Escape From Tarkov with in-game interface

A program for quickly and intelligently searching for information about the prices of in-game items.
You don't have to bother with this program, by pressing one key you can search for information about an item, everything that is in the in-game flea market, even in the raid.
Lots of settings, information and user-friendly interface.

Video instruction:

Start-up instructions:

  1. Download and run the RatScanner_Installer.exe file.
  2. After installation, the file unpacking window will open, or the path to the RatScanner.zip file will be displayed, be sure to unpack it into an empty folder.
  3. Run RatScanner.exe (the main thing is that the game is in windowed mode without borders).
    The first launch can be long (2-3 minutes).
  4. We customize for ourselves (on the bottom right of the settings).
  5. We minimize to the minimum window (top right - in the middle, near the cross).
  6. The default scan keys are Left Shift + Left Bottom.

Launch problems? - Official page with solutions to questions and problems

Done. Enjoy your use!