Cheats for CS:GO - Luna / Aim, VX, Skinchanger

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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Many users of the site want to play with Private cheats.
But unfortunately not everyone has money for private cheats for cs go. What do such users do?
The answer is obvious - they are waiting for the "crack" of some potholders.

And today is your day of waiting!
Introducing a fresh crack of a private cheat for CS:GO - Luno.


Although this private cheat is not as cool as our ExtrimHack Premium, it still has many advantages. Such as a nice interface, a lot of functions and advanced Wallhack settings.

Overview of the key features of the LunoCSGO cheat:

AimBot is a function that allows you to always hit the part of the opponent's body that you choose, whether it's the head / body / legs/arms - the whole anatomy is at your disposal.
The cheat has a lot of AIMBOT settings, which allows you to use this software with any style of play. Whether it's the style of a fingerless ninja, when your teammates won't even suspect the use of cheats. Or the style that is popularly called - cut down the raid!

WallHack - With this feature, you can spy on your opponents when they are hiding behind boxes or standing behind a wall. There are many different types of VC in the cheat -- Skeletons, Squares, Full Fill, Stroke, and so on. If you use this function wisely, then you can remain not suspected of cheating!

SkinChanger is a function that is called for fans of "freebies". After all, with the help of a Skinchanger for cs go, you can install any skins from the game for free! Why pay money for a skin when you can download this cheat and install a hype dragon ent. How's that for you, Gabe?!


Launch instructions:
Since this is a "crack", the launch is a little more difficult and takes 30 seconds longer than about a regular cheat, but your efforts will be worth it!

1. Download this cheat for cs go from the link below.
2. Unpack the contents of the archive to any folder or desktop.
2. Binary file "38580000.bin" move to disk C.
3. Launch Steam
4. Perform the injection luno_steam.dll into the process steam.exe (any injector will do).
5. Run CS:GO
6. Perform the injection luno.huy.dll into the process csgo.exe (any injector will do).

7. You are well done! You can play with the cracked pirate :)