EZinjector Reborn

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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EZinjector Reborn - injector for CS:GO.

Since the release of the trusted mode update, many injectors have stopped working, but EZinjector Reborn has a workaround for this system.

Start-up instructions:

  1. Launch CS:GO.
  2. Launching EZinjector Reborn.
  3. In the line Enter dll name, write the name of the dll cheat file.
    Example: OTC.dll

Done! You can enjoy the game with cheats.

Errors and solutions

  1. Error 0xc0000(error code here), errors msvcp140.dll, vcruntime140.dll and others
    - Install Visual C ++ Redistributable Package for Visual Studio 2015 x86 (regardless of your bit OS Windows)
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    If the VC ++ installer swears at the already installed newer version of VC ++
    Solution: VC++ x86 Hybrid
    Alternative: VC++ x64-32 Hybrid
  2. EZinjector won't start (gives an error that the file is missingon device / the file is damaged / impossible to run on yourdevice, contact the publisher)
    - Remove ALL antivirus software and disable Windows Defender
    - After completing the above step, download EZinjector Reborn again.