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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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WinX Private is a private cheat for Counter-Strike Global Offensive from ezcheats. This is our oldest and time-tested CS:GO cheat, updated to 2020 trends. Get the Hidden Power with our perfect cheat!

I have been playing with it (Winx Private) for two years now.
Most of all I appreciate that it will work as I expect.
Famous CS:GO player

WinX Private is perfect for playing in competitive mode or online Tournaments. Awesome on the STEAM-licenced Prime CS:GO, it also works well on any game modes and on any maps. 


Buy WinX Private. Pay with PayPal
Fully automated purchase: you will get a cheat immediately after payment.
  • Undetected against VAC. Safe to play on Steam and Prime CS:GO.
  • Auto-update for any CSGO and VAC changes.
  • Perfect Default configuration, just download and play.
  • Detailed explanations of the work of each function and option


The cheat has 7 powerful functions with which you move and shoot like a professional player! And in this case, it will be interesting to play – as the cheat will not do all the work for you, and at the same time, any of the functions can be turned off.

Click to see the video.

aimbot.gif Aimbot AIMBOT

Powerful aimbot with flexible settings will help you get into the heads of enemies (or another part of the body at will). The aimbot targeting system does not affect the memory of the game, which makes it safe on VAC (and other anti-cheats) and workable in a variety of conditions. The aimbot is very “humane”, it doesn’t twitch at all, the movement is performed as if its a professional.
compensation.gif Compensation COMPENSATION
If the aimbot is too much for you, use compensation. Compensation has 2 modes, see the video:

1. NO SPREAD - Horizontal compensation.

2. FULL COMPENSATION - Full compensation of recoil and scatter. All bullets fly to one point with a small error.
trigger.gif Triggerbot TRIGGERBOT

Triggerbot will automatically shoot at the enemy as soon as he appears at the crosshairs of your sight. Have you seen professionals who catch AWP in a small slot? Now you can also do the same with Triggerbot!
radar.gif Radar RADAR

These shows enemies directly on the radar inside the game. It looks as if you see all the enemies outside the walls in fact, right inside the game (natural radar).
esp.gif ESP (wallhack) ESP (WALLHACK)

The upgraded wallhack (ESP) shows the glow around the players behind walls and other obstacles. ESP can show players in different colors with different levels of health. Separate highlighting of opponents with AWP in their hands. It's also a legit Mode for highlighting only visible opponents.
noflash.gif Noflash NO FLASH

When you turn on the function, NO FLASH cheat automatically gets you unblinded from the explosion of a light grenade. You will know that you are blinded yet, but you can still see everything.
bunnyhop.gif Bunnyhop Perfect BUNNYHOP

You can accelerate (+ 20% to speed) with a jump. Unlike the scripted bunnyhop's, which simply spam out of the box, our perfect Bunnyhop jumps only at the moment when you have just touched the ground.

Any questions? Ask WinX Developer

After the purchase, you will instantly receive an email with a link to receive the Cheat by email, which you will indicate when paying. A letter will come from with the title "Your purchase".


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